About us

Shenyang Private Tour was founded in March 2018 by Song, founders and owners of  Shenyang Private Tours which has its headquarter in Shenyang city,Liaoning Province, China.

Shenyang Private Tour guide team has expanded a lot since 2018 Most of them are native Shenyang people and extremely enthusiastic about showing you the wonders of the Smoke. Being taken on a private tour by one of our guides will be a truly enjoyable, stimulating, exciting and amusing experience. You will feel like being accompanied by a friend, a local, someone who knows the city you are visiting in depth. The enthusiasm of our guides in showing you the jewels of Shenyang will be overwhelming and contagious!

Looking foward to meet you in ShenyangPlease reach us on

Email : shenyangtourguides@163.com

WeChat&Cell Phone:18249772926


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